(Translated from Chinese) Taiwanese Home Shopping Channels EHS and U-life have re-launched with three new purpose built studios, new branding, enhanced presentations, logos, on air graphics and most importantly, a better customer experience. The project under the leadership of George Bayer, acting Executive Vice President Television & Executive Creative Director (consultant). The purpose of the re-launch was to transform the channels and to build a platform that would change the way the Taiwanese home shopping customer shopped. The focus was on honest, clear presentations that insured that the customer will get the best experience and that every promise made on air will be delivered to the customer when they open their package at home. The project expanded on the current business by increasing the two live channels from forty hours per week (five days a week, eight hours a day) to one hundred and twelve hours a week (seven days per week, sixteen hours per day) with no increase in cost or staffing while maintaining the past years operational budget.

The project also implemented new and streamlined processes to increase efficiencies and business operations. During the redesign of the channels, the organization and staff were trained regarding best practices, organizational changes, development of new strategies, and improved technological processes. These strategic program enhancements cost considerably less than an entire system conversion would have cost and resulted in no system or broadcast down time on the channels at all. George Bayer stated, “We established and implemented clear, time and cost effective strategies for broadcast operations, re-branding of the channels, re-design and re-build of the live studios, post-production, production, creative output and the live execution of the channels. My goal was to improve the work-flow, efficiency and time management throughout the TV and Creative departments.”

“We implemented a new more cost and time effective training and development practices for all TV departments, including the on air talent, creative teams, producers and show hosts. Successfully establishing a consistent brand message while providing a higher quality live presentation to enhancing the customer’s experience was paramount in the realization of this project.” Eastern Home Shopping & Leisure CO., Ltd. and U-Life shopping Channel, operate as virtual shopping companies. The companies provide television shopping and one-to-one services. They sell products through shopping channels, catalogues, order over voice, EHSN shopping papers, and network ETMall. EHS was founded in 1999 and is based in Taipei, Taiwan. U-Life was founded in May 2010.