Media & Production

T2B offers a diversified range of broadcast and multi-channel platform services for entertainment, lifestyle, retail and DRTV environments.

From working with industry pioneers in electronic retail, entertainment, or broadcasting – to launching re-launching, re-branding, re-structuring and start-up channels to specific consultant based projects, T2B International excels in delivering to your needs, taking the concept and creative vision and bringing it to life.

  • Channel development, launch and management
  • Channel evaluation, streamlining and re-positioning
  • Department specific training
  • Set design and build
  • On air talent training
  • Scheduling and programming
  • Platform distribution
  • Licensing
  • Project management
Script writing – the power of words

With our talented team of writers and expertise we combine insight, talent, aspiration and inspiration to create compelling scripts, starting as the analysis of your audience and marketing objectives.

Pre-production - the creative juices flow

The script serves as a blueprint to set the stage for a compelling visual impact – settings, locations, camera angels and lighting are maximized to supercharge the power of your content.

Post-production – where it all comes together

The editing is literally where it all comes together – our talented editing and post team provide the finalizing touches that drive the message home with full force. Our teams interweave live video, custom graphics, animation, VO, evocative music and vibrant sound effects to capture your audience creating a magnetic attraction and life to your brand.

The perfect picture

Is a creative puzzle forming the picture of success – working with our clients as a team we craft an innovative campaign – bringing the brand to life.