Distribution is the key. But lets look at the word distribution – not just simply the distribution of your product but also of your message… a multi platform strategy has become a key player for those who wish to maximize exposure while maximizing also potential ROI – which no longer can be simply considered as return on investment but also we need to look at ROE – return on engagement. While distribution as a more traditional role can make or break a company, simply put, if people can’t find your product – it doesn’t matter how good it is – they can’t be converted to a consumer. A brand associated with a specific message and or person – can create a sky-is-the-limit situation – a traditional position often taken is celebrity endorsement. Although costly certainly has its advantages, someone passionate about what they are selling can take the brand to a global level definitely for a brand trying to get off the ground although this can be costly and, as always, we must take budget restrictions into account.

The key of course is the business plan – or blueprint. As in many cases the business can take a direction which may not have been the original plan – the proper funding – and enthusiasm and passion about the project – get organized – team work – don’t think you can do it all yourself – don’t be afraid to express doubts. ASK – be curious.