Advisory Work

T2B founders also serve as advisors to select emerging companies that are working to transform their industries, by delivering disruptive products and services, as well as major media and entertainment companies looking to diversify or improve current efficiencies.

T2B offers a neutral independent view of the business needs and opportunity, from asset evaluation, R&D, strategic advice through to delivery. We offer tailored advisory / consulting services for clients who need instant access to expertise from a wide range of sectors, to determine business growth opportunity and viability – before building their in-house team.

Their advisory clients include: Cannis Media UK; Comux UK; Ionoco UK & USA – ABC, NBC, Disney, Comedy Central, CBS; Dr. Brandt, Me system, HSN, As Seen on TV, etc…

Also serve as Marketer / Advisor in Residence – clients include – EHS & Leisure Co, U-life, Serra Noventions, TV Goods – acting / CEO COO, Dr. Brandt Skincare.

Executive coaching for T2B – additional services

Executive coaching is a specialized methodology for the formation of managers, executives and leaders. A transformational process based on personal discovery of change and action, aligned with the corporate mission and goals, the goal being to develop the individuals capabilities as leaders, directing their teams and work.

Grounded in ontological coaching, the coaching process is based again on T2B’s 360° approach – evaluation and design to create the most tailored course of action fitting the needs of each company yet focusing on three key characteristics of success:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Motivation

Ontological Life Coaching – develops an aptitude and attitude that creates new ideas and possibilities, finding new meanings, to make new changes and new connections whether it is at a corporate social or individual level. We’re able to let go of what we already know, to start the journey into the unexplored area, daring to design a new action more in tune with our calling.

Group Coaching – helps create group cohesion, breaking the barriers – helping the group to work more as a team – thereby accelerating the process and the creation of results. The objective is to maximize the quality of communication and the relationships of the group, creating a clear vision for the future towards which the team can move with confidence and a shared vision.

Executive coaching – helps maximize the efficiency of the individual and their resources, clarify goals, develop action, acquire new skills, and eliminate obstacles that may be blocking their way to success.

Seminar – participants are introduced to and explore new ideas, tools and distinctions, as new potential is developed.