We all have a story inside…

All that we are or have created is the result of what we have thought or a decision we have made, the mind is everything. What we think, we become. Who do you want to be today?



the ones who has connected with and appreciate their own uniqueness are the most interesting
Whether you are just beginning your journey to the life you crave or you consider yourself a guru, TBL & CO aims to be a inspirational resource leaving you feeling both inspired motivated yet relaxed and reinvigorated.

Offering lifestyle design and coaching resources, recognizing that us oneself is responsible for and the creator of our life experiences leads to the revelation of our light and strength within, and capabilitity in truly creating life and experience we desire.

TBL & Co touches all points of life with aspirational inspirational content and resources.

A happy healthy thoughtful conscious approach to life – although cultural and social beliefs can unite this concept – it has a different personal meaning for all of us – discover create and experience this uniqueness for you.




Tracey Bayer is the CEO & Founder of TBL & CO created in 2016 with a lot of love and passion for inspiring others to live and design their best lifestyle.

Tracey was born and educated in England yet has had experience of living and working on a global level experiencing multiple cultural and outlooks on life. She has been at the forefront of sustainable media, wellness, beauty, style and lifestyle trends for over 20 years. Applying her knowledge and learning to a myriad of projects including fashion, beauty, food, travel, real estate, entertainment and visual media industries.

Always interested in lifestyle, aspiring and the well being of others Tracey had a particular interest in the concept of life coaching and empowering others be in in the corporate or personal arena. A move to the USA and many years in the corporate world in the fueled more this passion, as a search for more balance and quality of life seemed to be an apparent common dominator amongst her friends and peers.


Tracey is Senior Coach with the MMK Coaching Institute*and certified with the ICF (International Coaching Federation), has completed coaching certification with JDC London and is finalizing her Nutrition Coaching certification with the NAFC. Tracey also graduated BA (Hons) International Marketing with Spanish & French from Greenwich University, London and has MBA studies in International Business at ITAM in Mexico.

*MMK coaching institute owned by best selling author Alejandra Llamas

On a more personal note, Tracey loves to travel and read practice pilates and yoga – she also has a great interest in wellness and personal development – bilingual in English and Spainsh, she also speaks French & Italian.

As well as a life coach, Tracey has a real estate license and a lifestyle marketing / production company T2B international.

There’s the bio … here’s the truth






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